Why buy from Starsigned Memorabilia?

Starsigned Memorabilia only sell 100% Authentically Hand Signed items. All of our items come from organised signings of which a represenative from Starsigned Memorabilia attends.

Does the items come with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA)?

Yes, all our items comes with a COA. We will also insert a photo proof of the item being signed where possible onto the certificate.

Does Starsigned Memorabilia buy items from the public or Ebay?

No, Starsigned Memorabilia never, under any circumstances buys from the general public or from Ebay.

Does Starsigned Memorabilia provide valuations?

No, we do not provide valuations for your product.

Do you offer trade discounts?

Yes, Please contact for more information. info@starsignedmemorabilia.com

Can you donate an item to our charity?

Because of the nature of our business we are inundated with requests for donations. As a result of this we can offer a sell or return scheme for charity auctions. Please contact for more details. info@starsignedmemorabilia.com

Are you a member of UACC or similar organisations?

No, companies only pay a joining fee to become members of these organisations. There is no vetting of the companies or their products, and as such, no guarantee of quality or authenticity – just higher costs which get passed on to the customer

Can I come and see an item?

Yes, please contact for more information. info@starsignedmemorabila.com